Best Sport To Bet On

This commonly posed question is very difficult to answer because there is no right or wrong way to give reasoning. The best sport to bet on is very much a personal preference and there can be many determining factors.

The best sport for betting customers very much depends on what the reason is for initially placing the bet or what outcome is desired. 

The best sports bet

To determine the best sports to find odds and markets, it is necessary to explore the different factors a customer needs to realise and acknowledge.

Interest and Knowledge

It is reasonable to assume that if the betting customer has a specific interest in a particular sport, then they are likely to find it more enjoyable to gamble on that sport. Within this reasoning, it is likely that the more interest a person has on a specific sport the more knowledge they will have. This is important because the more that is known about a sport the more value can be found in certain betting markets. The gambler will know what to look for and what they know to be accurate with what the bookmaker is offering.


Likewise, it is also understandable to accept how popular a sport is within a certain country. For example in Australia, there are many well played and watched sports. Aussie rules football, soccer, cricket and rugby receive lots of TV coverage and are frequently in the news. These sports also have plenty of participation from Australians alike. The more awareness of sporting events the likelihood is interest levels increase and in turn so do betting opportunities. As there is more coverage of these sports in Australia then the amount of information readily available contributes to individuals looking to place bets.

This reasoning also applies to other countries from around the world. In the UK, soccer is a huge sport that receives almost daily coverage in one form or another; Television, radio, news and programmes dedicated to soccer, which of course increases the exposure of this sport to individuals.

Horse racing is also incredibly popular. There is less TV coverage of this sport however there are huge interest levels and newspapers solely reporting on this sport.

In India and other parts of Asia cricket is watched by millions of people. The popularity is almost at addictive levels in some areas and because of this exposure to the sport the interest, knowledge and awareness will mean in this part of the world, cricket is the best sport to bet on.

In the United States, there are many different sports that will receive more coverage than others. American football, baseball and basketball are all extremely popular and have huge followings. Once again the more people see throughout their everyday lives, the more information they consume and therefore the likelihood of these events being the best sports to bet on will be specific to them.

Statistics and data on individual sports teams as well as player attributes and team form, work hand in hand with how gamblers place bets. This can be very important to experienced gamblers with betting strategies created from such information. These methods and plans are perfected and finely honed over a significant period of time. Without access to information, these strategies wouldn't be successful.

Odds and markets

The best sports to bet on can also be decided by how many different ways there are to bet on a specific sport. Less popular sports tend to have fewer markets and could be less appealing to the gambler, whereas the most popular sports have many different markets and because of this the enjoyment of choosing a bet can be more entertaining. Some markets are given lower odds and can be less attractive to customers looking for value. The simple win-draw-win markets although popular can often have low odds and a single bet on this market in any sport isn't attractive enough to place a stake.

Some sports are offered by many bookmakers in play (live betting) facility. This means bets can be placed as the action unfolds. Of course, this is very popular for sports that are televised or can be seen in real-time. Placing a bet in this manner is very appealing and makes the betting experience even more satisfying.

One-off bets

Occasionally the best sports to bet on are one-off sporting events that receive lots of media exposure. Huge excitement can build around the American football Superbowl, the Melbourne Cup in Australia, the FA cup final or grand national in the UK, the IPL cricket final in India or the soccer world cup final. These types of sporting events have a real sense of excitement and the number of bets received from novice punters increases. These types of bets are placed purely for the fun factor and tend not be part of any long term strategy.


Choosing the best sport to place a bet on can be determined by which bookmaker or sportsbook is being used. There is no doubt that some bookmakers give preferential treatment to one sport in particular and this can have a bearing on where to place a bet. It is well worth exploring the many different sportsbooks depending on what sport the customer wants to find markets on, especially if it is a less popular sport or event.

Bookmakers also offer different markets even on the same sports and of course to be competitive odds can vary on sports betting markets. Some sportsbooks appear to be less user-friendly than others whilst some sportsbooks have an incredible platform offering everything the most demanding of betting customer could need to place a sports bet; from stats and data to a huge market range and Increased odds promotions.

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